§ MERLIN/魔術師マーリン ニュース 2009年12月分

LaLa TV 2月「魔術師 マーリン」初回・特番の放映日時

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§ LaLa TV 2月「魔術師 マーリン」初回・特番の放映日時

CSのLaLa TVにて、2010年2月より『魔術師マーリン』の放送が始まります。

■魔術師 マーリン プレミア放送


伝説のヒーロー・アーサー王と、王の強力なブレーンとなる伝説の魔術師マーリンの若き日の冒険と友情、恋を描き、世界100カ国以上で大ヒットをとばしたUK 発メガヒットドラマ。

■ドラマの魔法に釘づけ!『魔術師 マーリン』

2 月8 日(月)12:30~13:00 ほか


TV Groove.com:LaLa TV 2月「魔術師 マーリン」「恋するマンハッタン」他
La La TV

和訳文庫『魔術師マーリンIII ニムエの徴』12/25発売

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§ 和訳文庫『魔術師マーリンIII ニムエの徴』12/25発売



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§ 『MERLIN』シリーズ2UK版コンプリートDVD-BOXが2010/02/08に発売

本国英国では2009/12/19にシリーズ2が完結しますが、シリーズ2の後半エピソードを収めたDVD Vol.2と同時に、『Merlin - Complete Series 2 Box Set』の発売が決定しました。


日本では2月からLaLa TVにて『魔術師マーリン シリーズ1』の放映が決定。シリーズ2の放映予定は現在未定です。


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§ 『Merlin/魔術師マーリン』シリーズ3の製作決定をBBCが発表


BBC One Saturday-night drama Merlin commissioned for new series

Hit family fantasy drama Merlin, produced by Shine Television, has been recommissioned for a third series for BBC One.

The announcement comes as the second series of the Saturday-evening show continues to enthral audiences, pulling in a peak of over six million viewers and a 31% share.

Ben Stephenson, Controller Drama Commissioning, says: "With its mix of magic, adventure and humour Merlin is perfect Saturday-evening family television, and we are thrilled that Shine Television will be creating a new series for BBC One. I'm looking forward to seeing what adventures our popular young wizard, and his friends in Camelot, will go on in series three."

Johnny Capps, Executive Producer, Shine Television, says: "Merlin is ready to burst back onto BBC One with more action, romance and, of course, magic to delight fans of all ages. After the thrilling finale of the current series audiences will be left wondering what happens next ? and with so many of Merlin and Arthur's adventures yet to unfold, we can't wait to continue the story."

Merlin stars Colin Morgan as Merlin, Bradley James as Prince Arthur, Anthony Head as King Uther, Katie McGrath as Morgana, Angel Coulby as Gwen, Richard Wilson as Gaius, and John Hurt as the voice of the Great Dragon.

Series two has seen a host of high-profile guest-stars including Mackenzie Crook, Emilia Fox, Sarah Parish, Charles Dance and Adrian Lester, and continues on Saturday evenings on BBC One until the final episode on Saturday 19 December.

Merlin is executive produced by the award-winning Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy for Shine Television, with Bethan Jones executive producer for BBC Wales.

The show is a BBC Cymru Wales production and has been recommissioned by Ben Stephenson, Controller Drama Commissioning, and Jay Hunt, Controller BBC One.

The first series is a worldwide smash hit and has been sold to 52 broadcasters in over 180 countries; to date series two has been sold to more than 40 broadcasters in 165 countries, and counting.

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